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This is a game where you play as a bat. A player is blindfolded and given a pair of headphones connected to a mobile device. A second player can pair with the blindfolded player's device and send audio messages in order to direct the player around a physically built maze in the real world.

We refer to the blindfolded player as the bat, and the player controlling the bat as the eyes.

A minimum of 2 players can play the game, but any even amount of players can be handled by the server (so you could have local multiplayer challenges).

The eyes must click somewhere in the forest displayed onscreen to give the bat directions. The position you click on will correspond to a sound being played in the bat's ears at the proper position, so guide the player carefully. Distance from the centre of the screen also matters.

Release date Jan 14, 2014
AuthorSimon Cutajar
Made withPhaser
Tagsaudio, Local multiplayer, physical
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityBlind friendly
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer, Server-based networked multiplayer
Player count1 - 16

Install instructions

  1. Install node.js and put the files in a place where node.js can access them.
  2. Run the command line and navigate to the files.
  3. Run npm install express and npm install socket.io
  4. Run node ./app.js to start the server.
  5. Make sure that both players are on the same wireless connection, and find the IP address of the player playing as the eye. Navigate to *ip address*/bat in a web browser from a mobile device . Enter a name and hit register, so that you can be recognized by others. This person will be playing as the bat.
  6. Another player should navigate to localhost/eye in a web browser from a mobile device or a PC. Due to limitation with WebAudio and the HTML5 standard, it is preferable that the mobile device runs the Chrome browser. Enter a name and press register, a list of available bats should show up in the drop down menu. Select the bat you would like to pair up with and hit Pair.
  7. Both players should have their respective screens on the devices in front of them. Set up an obstacle course (in real life), and let the game/s begin!


Echo 14 MB

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